Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! Tomorrow is our renal block exam, so unfortunately I will not be able to go out trick-or-treating tonight. 

The fact that we have our 5th block exam tomorrow is surprising because it feels like we just completed the ANS/CV block yesterday. In regards to that block, I performed really well, and I believe that I have mastered my study techniques and methods that will allow me to perform well on the upcoming blocks. This block saw the introduction a new class for the semester: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. It has been interesting studying topics like microscopy, monoclonal antibodies, and gene therapy because it allows us to gain a more holistic view of medicine in addition to our MedPharm or Principles classes. Speaking of those classes, the kidney is such an interesting organ because it seems so simple at first glance but is one of the most unique organs in our body. It is very interesting to see how big a role the kidney plays in our body. I guess that is why we have two of them!

In terms of volunteering, I was not able to go to Second Harvest due to conflictions with our class schedule, but I am still tutoring Algebra II at SciHigh. Instead of leading a lesson with 5-6 students, I am given a student or two to bring to work individually with. I think this has worked better for the students and me. It is surprising to me how much Algebra II I still remember; I guess that is why I enjoyed the class so much freshman year of high school. One of the coolest things some of us have done this year, in my opinion, was judge the science fair at SciHigh. I was a judge for the Biology students, and it was very enjoyable to see the different projects the students took on.  As I judged, it was rewarding to see and hear the enthusiasm some of the students had as they were presenting their “research” to me. Hopefully, they follow that enthusiasm for STEM projects in the future.

Lastly, it is getting cooler here and that means that my favorite time of the year is approaching: gumbo season. Although it can be served year round, I don’t think anything tastes better than gumbo in the Louisiana “winter.” Aside from that, it has been fun exploring the city and culture as each street has it’s own unique vibe and history to offer.

‘Til next time and sorry for the “obligatory” renal joke.

Service Hours Tracker
October Service Hours: 6
Total Service Hours: 23