Thursday, September 29, 2016

So we are now at the end of September, and it is still hard for me to believe how much I have learned over the past two and half months. Right now, we are on the ANS and CV block, which has been my favorite thus far. On Wednesday, we had a team based learning assignment for the ANS drugs, and I thought it was a really interesting and fun way to learn the material. I felt really anxious going into the assignment, but I realized that I knew more than I thought I had, which is a good sign as I prepare for our test in a couple of weeks. Last test did not go as well as I planned, but I have figured out what I can do better to improve my scores. I am confident moving forward, most in part due to my enjoyment on this block’s material and the success of the TBL.

For community service, I went to Second Harvest Food Bank again to help out in the food-sorting warehouse. They are still taking donations to flood affected areas in Baton Rouge, but for the most part everything was “back to normal,” in that the food sorted would be distributed throughout the New Orleans area. I also started my volunteering at SciHigh. Cole and I are helping out Mr. Harris in his Algebra II classroom.  It was really weird teaching a subject I haven’t seen in roughly 8 years, but based on the students’ reactions during my visit, I felt I did a good job helping them out understand the material.

This month was Labor Day, so I went home to Pensacola for the holiday to visit with my family.  Although Pensacola and home is nice, it is not New Orleans. The city is so vibrant and pretty. One of my favorite things to do in the city is finding new running routes. Whether running down St. Charles or in City Park, I always seem to marvel at how unique this city is (it’s also a good way to try and distract myself from the heat).  A group of us formed an intramural flag football team, and we had our first game today. Although we tied, we all had a fun time hanging out together, and I think we will be able to pull out a win next week. 

‘Til next time.

Service Hours Tracker
September: 5
Total: 17