Wednesday, November 30, 2016

So unfortunately, or fortunately if you do not like cold weather, it has not gotten below 65 degrees here in New Orleans. Although I grew up in Louisiana, it still baffles me that winter in New Orleans, or the Gulf Coast for that matter, does not really bring cold weather, which means that I cannot truly enjoy warm gumbo. Although I miss the cold, I can't complain about the beautiful weather that we have had. Being able to walk through New Orleans and listen to live band after live band without having to worry about snow, heavy winds, cold weather, rain, etc. is a great study break that I think all of us here have really enjoyed.

In regards to school work, November was a really busy month. We completed both the Renal Block and Pulmonary Block. The main focus of both of these blocks was with our Molecular and Cell Pharm course. It is very interesting to dive into the research processes and techniques that allow researchers to discover new drugs and functions in the body. Right now, we are on the last block of the semester: GI. It is truly hard to believe that we are almost halfway done with the program but I am grateful for all of the information that I have gained. Although learning about drugs and research has been enjoyable, it was nice to go back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.

Volunteering has been going great thus far. Cole and I have set up a good system with Mr. Harris and his class. We have decided to primarily focus on one of his classes and work 1-on-1 with a couple of students. In doing so, we are able to really make sure that they understand the work that they are doing and form a good relationship. After we finish with the lesson, it is nice to tell Mr. Harris that our students were able to understand the lesson and do the work without constant help from us.

'Til next time

Service Hours Tracker
November Service Hours: 8
Total Service Hours: 31