Friday, March 31, 2017

I know I’ve said this before, but now I mean it: I cannot believe how fast time has gone. We only have 1 more month until we complete our Master’s of Pharmacology program. It seems like yesterday that we were learning about the basics behind pharmacokinetics. I had some of my friends who are starting their T2 year this week tell me that what they were learning about probably seemed remedial to me. Hearing that made me realize how valuable this program has been; I have learned so much in such a short period of time and have gained an appreciation and desire to learn more about pharmacological advances.

Speaking of classwork, March was a fairly busy month due to us taking our Shelf exam. Going over all the material in about a 2-week span seemed daunting at first, but as I kept reviewing, it all came back and everything started to click and connect. I think the test went well, but we have not gotten our scores back yet so I will wait and see. The Shelf exam officially ended Med Pharm, and the only class that we are tested on left is Cell Control. I’ve enjoyed what we have learned thus far, but we only have 1 more test until that is over too. Where is time going?!

I have been able to go to Sci High a lot more often this month, which has been great. I really enjoy my time there, and I know the students that I work with enjoy it as well. When I went this morning, one of the girls I help told me that she got an A on her last test thanks to my help, and as a thank you, she gave me a bag of Sour Patch Kids candy. Although she said the candy was a birthday gift and she gave up candy for lent, I thought it was nice of her to say thank you and made me appreciate the work I have done there.

New Orleans is still thriving (it would be more of a shock if it wasn’t). Due to the Shelf exam, a cell control exam, my work in Dr. Bunnell’s lab, and studying for the MCAT, I didn’t get to do much exploring this month. The weather has been beautiful this month though, so I did take some good study breaks to enjoy the music, weather, and camaraderie the city has to offer.  

‘Til Next Time.

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March: 10
Total: 24