Thursday, April 27, 2017

April Service Hours: 12
Total Service Hours for Semester: 36
Cumulative Total Service Hours: 71 hours

Well, although I may be beating a dead horse here, it is hard to believe that we are now officially done with the Master's of Pharmacology program. Our last Cell Control test was Tuesday, and I am very happy with the results that I had both with the test and throughout the duration of the program. I have learned so much in the short span of a year. I know that all the material from each class is going to help me both in the immediate future, as I am currently prepping for the MCAT, and later in my life as I work to better the health of my future patients. Alongside the classroom work, I am finishing up my time in Dr. Bunnell's lab at the Center of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine. I am really grateful that I was able to learn a lot of lab techniques and help out in many different ways.

I really enjoyed my time at Sci High as well. As I have mentioned with each blog post, the time I spent at Sci High benefitted all parties involved, from Mr. Harris to the students and lastly myself. Even though I would go during their 1st period class, I felt that going and tutoring was a great way to wake up and start the day. Hopefully I can help make the connection between Sci High and future Master's students even more beneficial and rewarding, for I know that if someone wants a great way to do their service, I highly recommend Sci High.

Even though my future plans are not fully set in stone yet, I know that I will miss New Orleans. There is just so much that the city offers. From crawfish boils to French Quarter Fest to study breaks to listen to a jazz band on Frenchman St. on a Tuesday night, New Orleans is a great place to live. I know that I will be back one way or another because as the saying goes: You can take the person out of Cajun country, but you can't take the Cajun out of the person (this is a real saying, I promise).

'Til next time.

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